Tony Gemignani

Slice House by Tony Gemignani


Tony Gemignani has won 13 world titles for his pizza making and acrobatic dough-spinning routines, authored or co-authored three books (including “The Pizza Bible”), appeared on several national TV networks and is an owner in 27 pizzerias. His first, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, opened in 2009, has been named America’s best pizzeria by USA Today, the Travel Channel and Forbes. Tony also runs the International School of Pizza, where he certifies chefs from all over the world and teaches a variety of pizza-making styles, many of which simultaneously appear on the menus at his restaurants. He teaches the Making Dough & Pizzas With Tony Gemignani workshops annually at Pizza Expo.

John Arena

Co-owner and Chef of Metro Pizza


John Arena is a 50-year veteran of the pizza industry and co-founder of Metro Pizza, which currently has six locations in the Las Vegas area. He also created and teaches a course in pizzeria concept development at the University of Las Vegas School of Hospitality and is a consultant to several international foodservice companies.