About PizzaCon

PizzaCon will allow buyers to experience hands-on curated experiences and demonstrations with suppliers in the top product categories for pizzerias like dough, sauce, cheese, technology and equipment. This is an exclusive and experiential event designed for pizzeria owners and operators who are serious about growing their businesses.

Suppliers who want to get creative about how they put their product in the hands of operators must consider having a presence at the inaugural edition of PizzaCon.

More than a B2B trade event.

Get ready for a new and interactive pizza experience. While PizzaCon is right for attendees of the International Pizza Expo, you can expect to “see, network, shop, eat” in a more personal setting.

Brands represented at PizzaCon are putting their best put forward and working to bring you a novel, intimate and exclusive experience – be sure you’re there to experience it first-hand!

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